How is it for You? – Q&A with a Happy Customer!

How is it for You? – Q&A with a Happy Customer!


Q. What was life like before you started working with me?

A. I felt lacking in confidence about what my body could do and sad that everything seemed to be ‘going downhill’. I seemed to have lost a lot of my previous energy and enthusiasm for life.

Q. What reservations did you have before working with me?

A. I was really concerned that I just wouldn’t be able to do what was being asked of me.


Q. What has working with me been like?

A. I have been so grateful to you ‘Jane’ for looking at the ‘whole me’ and designing every single session to address what was happening to me emotionally, as well as physically, at that time. 

You are an incredible teacher with an amazing facility for observing and diagnosing, as well making instructions so clear. 

There is absolutely no doubt that you see everyone you work with as an individual.

And you listen so carefully too!


Q. What is the ONE best result you have got from working with me?

A. You have helped me rebuild my confidence and feel that I can regain the flexibility and strength I had when I was younger.


Thank you, Jane, you have made a difference.

Liz – Teacher.

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