Southsea Pilates Private Studio

The private Southsea studio is now up and running. Clients love the variety and challenge that using the equipment offers. Working in the Studio puts pieces of the Pilates jigsaw together and increases body awareness and ability to perform Matwork with more understanding and connections in the body.

The Reformer is a traditional piece of Pilates equipment which uses a gliding carriage, springs and pulleys to create resistance. This extends exercise options and offers additional challenge or support. The reformer is so named because of its capacity to reform and transform the body and offer visible results.

The Tower Trainer is based on a piece of equipment called the Cadillac which offers many varied exercises which enhance Sporting Performance, Fitness and overall wellbeing.


1-1 2-1 3-1
Pay as you go £55 £60 £66
Block of 4 – save 5% £210 £230 £250
Block of 6 – save 10% £298 £324 £357
Block of 8 – save 20% £360 £385 £425

Pilates for Back Care

Pilates has been shown to improve chronic low back pain. These sessions provide a system of exercises based on the Pilates method which improve movement, develop functionality and reduce pain. Encouraging safe effective movement in this gentle balanced workout results in keeping the spine flexible and strong with strengthened muscles to support your back and allow you to enjoy your life.

Pilates for Sport

Are you active? Do you play sport? Pilates for Sport will help you play to your potential, be it in Golf, Tennis, Rugby, Football, Swimming etc. The programme focuses on improvements to your flexibility, stance, rotation, shoulder and hip movement, building a strong centre and developing overall strength.

Pilates for Mobility

These sessions work on getting your joints moving, muscles stronger, blood flowing and the body working better. The end result will be improved muscle tone, balance, posture and increased flexibility.