“I attend the Thursday lunchtime class that Jane puts on at the Civic Offices for PCC staff. I am a total novice at Pilates and Jane has totally put me at my ease. She has a very patient and calm way of teaching that means I feel I get the best out my sessions and I can feel the benefits already. I hope to continue with the classes for as long as possible.”


Michelle Love

“I have benefitted enormously from attending Jane’s classes over the last few years. The fact that she caters for all levels of ability enables one to move from gentle exercise to more challenging routines as strength is built. The variety of techniques used makes every class interesting.”


Jeannette Griffiths

“I really enjoy coming to Jane’s Pilates class – the exercises can be tailored to each individual, and I feel invigorated for the rest of the day.”


Liz Dunk

“The lessons are varied, so you’re not always doing the same thing week after week and therefore they don’t get boring. I’m not the sort of person who sticks to exercise classes for any length of time, but I have stuck with pilates and if for any reason I can’t make it I do actually miss going.


Jane is friendly and professional, I have discovered muscles I didn’t know I had and get less aches and pains in my back since starting the classes. Really recommend giving it a go!”


Christine – Council Employee

“Before I started Pilates with Jane I felt quite old, stiff and unfit. Jane is very good at showing you how to do the exercises correctly so that you are using the right muscles and getting the most out of the sessions.


I was a bit concerned that I would be the only one who couldn’t do the exercises and would make a twit of myself; but I needn’t have worried. Everyone is really friendly and we are all challenged by the exercises at some point. Jane helps to correct your posture and technique without destroying your confidence. You can work at your own pace and there are varying degrees of difficulty for many of the exercises, so you can chose which one best suits your ability.


I have definitely developed a flatter more toned tummy and improved my core strength and flexibility since starting Pilates with Jane. I would thoroughly recommend her classes to anyone.”


Julia Golding

“Jane is the most patient instructor you can imagine. She ensures you are doing each exercise correctly by way of helpful demonstrations which are always accompanied by a smile. Her BodyBlast class is the perfect combination of fun aerobic exercise followed by Pilates-based stretches which leave you feeling toned all over.”


Sarah Saunders

“I enjoy Jane’s classes for lots of reasons, they are varied so you never get bored of doing the same routine, Jane is always helpful and ensures you are doing the moves correctly and the group is relaxed and fun.”


Clare Rachwal

“Jane has a natural ability in putting you at your ease. She’s friendly and very professional in delivering her expertise, helping you understand it and reach your optimum.”


Alex Williams

“This class is perfect for those who are not able to jump about. Using stretchy bands and balls we exercise a comprehensive selection of muscles without feeling the strain. For anyone who has had surgery Jane will tailor exercises to suit and I feel that you will find it at least as useful as physiotherapy because it is more frequent and more fun!”


Val Wood

“Since attending classes I have felt improvements in my posture and core strength. The classes are always very enjoyable with a good atmosphere and new routines making it more interesting whilst working different muscle groups. Thank you Jane”


Nina Riley

“I have suffered from muscle tightness and discomfort in the neck and shoulders for several years, caused by regular extensive use of a laptop computer. When I go to Jane for a massage I am always surprised by how much better & relaxed I feel afterwards.


Symptoms are relieved and painless range of motion restored. Jane always listens to what you have to say and wants feedback about what works for you. As a result, you get a great massage that is tailored to your needs.”


Chris, Massage client

“I like ChiBall, because I feel it is achievable, even though I am so unfit at present. The ball seems to aid purpose and direction and gives a certain amount of “weight” making my arms ache, which I assume is toning them up a little. I do feel that the combination of the pilates and the ChiBall is already making a subtle difference to my shape; long may it continue!”



“I have really enjoyed my sessions with you and am so grateful for the thought and time you have spent making adaptations for my ‘bone health’. Many thanks for being so understanding”.


Pam Vincent

“I would rather go without something else than miss my Pilates (class and individual) sessions with you!”



“I really enjoyed my first Studio session on the Reformer and am looking forward to coming regularly”